WV Market Spotlight: Hidden Creek Mercantile & The Copper Room

With the tag line “One Shop. Many Discoveries.”, Hidden Creek Mercantile & The Copper Room doesn’t disappoint. What is now the event space at Hidden Creek, first started as a secret meeting space for the Odd Fellows. The meeting room, however, wasn’t the only secret the over 100-year-old building held, along with old alcohol bottles from the prohibition, and a door that requires a secret knock, the building also held a secret a bit deeper. When new owners purchased the building 4 years ago and did a total renovation, they found a hidden creek that ran under the building during rainstorms. Though the water problem has since been fixed, it gave name to the business that would make its home in the history-filled building. 

Since purchasing Hidden Creek in 2019, owner Mary Zigmond has stayed true to the vision of the original owners, with Hidden Creek serving as a catering service, event space, and a local artisan shop for Hurricane, however, there is a big surprise on the way when they re-open in September 2020. Though Zigmond is busy making preparations for their re-opening, if you need to find her you might try your luck at a farmers market…aka her happy place. What once a place her parents used to DRAG her to, is now her favorite place to get away to. “Even when my husband and I go on vacation, we seek out farmers markets…to me its an art, you get the feel of a community that way, and more than that you get the taste, nothing tastes better than local produce, local food.”, says Zigmond.  

Zigmond aims to continue creating history in the building by celebrating both local artisans and local farmers. “The building is our heritage, and the farmers and artisans are our heritage.” In just last year of owning Hidden Creek, Zigmond has been pleasantly surprised at how much people love local, from the art to the food. “People get so excited to learn that the salad was grown by a local farmer.” 

So the next time you’re planning an event, need catering, or want to check out the latest art from local artisans, stop into Hidden Creek Mercantile in Hurricane and discover! And be sure to check them out to see the surprise they’ve been working on!

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