Introducing the FarmFreshWV “Better Food” commercial series promoting West Virginia Farmers Markets!

Featuring the original song by Nat Frederick – “Home To Me”

Nat Frederick "Home To Me" Music Video

Produced by Verglas Media, LLC for the West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition, in partnership with the West Virginia Farmers Market Association and the USDA, this series of commercials highlights fresh, healthy and local food as it progresses from farm to market to table. West Virginia artist Nat Frederick has licensed his amazing song to the project—Home To Me.  Now available on iTunes! Watch the full length video above, or check out the individual stories below.


In this short we see a farmer–a veteran–and his daughter spend a beautiful morning gathering that day’s market produce. After unloading at the famers market, they greet and sell tomatoes to a young man who we will see in an upcoming commercial “Birthday” that will be released in a few weeks. Traveling through the market, we see vendors selling food products to their friends and neighbors. In fact, we’ll see all the characters from our commercial series buying fresh produce they will prepare and eat throughout the week.


Working the night shift, a husband heads home to breakfast with his wife before she heads off to her job as the school nurse. We see the wife’s alarm go off and she heads to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast with all the scrumptious products we saw her purchase at the farmers market.


A young boy sees delicious apples at the farmers market and runs to have his mom buy some. Later he sprains his ankle and is cared for by the school nurse. When his mom comes to take him home, he stops, limps over to the nurse, takes his precious apple from his lunch-bag and hands it to her as a thank you gift.


A working mother of two is teaching her sons the value of buying local produce from the farmers market. Later that week she is surprised when she arrives home from work to discover her oldest son and his grandmother have prepared a birthday feast using their Saturday farmers market purchases.

Produced by Verglas Media, LLC for the West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition, in partnership with the West Virginia Farmers Market Association and the USDA, this commercial series was created entirely in West Virginia by West Virginians.

Client: West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition
Agency: Verglas Media, LLC
Campaign: “Better Food”

Client Credits
Executive Director, WVFFC: Spencer Moss
Logistics and Program Coordinator, WVFFC: Gabby Scrofano
In Association with
West Virginia Farmers Market Association
Executive Director: Parween Mascari
Staff, WVFMA: Erica Gillamore and Carly Stover
& WVU Extension Service
Extension Specialist: Kristin McCartney

Agency Credits
President & Creative Director, Verglas Media: Victoria Weeks
Producer: William Peterson
Graphic Design: Ethan Bolton
Web Design: Victoria Weeks and Jessica Geibel

Production Credits
Written, Produced and Directed by Victoria Weeks
Producer, Sound: William Peterson
Director of Photography & Colorist: Justin Litton
1st Assistant Camera: Ben Berry
Edited by: Victoria Weeks
Production Assistant: Kim Johnson
Lighting Director: Claiborne Lashley
G&E: Austin Behan, Dave Ramero, Lance Schrader
Casting Agent: Sam Holdren
Make-up/Hair: Ginger Basham

Merleen Campbell
Conrad Carpenter
Ilene Evans
Athena Rae Freelander
Lindsey Hull
Asher Kisamore
Mason Kisamore
Maggie Lutz (with Reagan)
Gregory Mach
William M Peterson, SAG
Erika Smith
Rachel Stefursky
Soccer Kids
Sebastian Crawford
Sawyer McCann
Cam Phillips
Nate Powell
Petra Young

“Home To Me”
Written and Performed by Nat Frederick
Exclusive license to Verglas Media for FarmFreshWV commercial use, only.

Locations (All WV)
Bridgeport Farmers Market – FB
Hemlock Springs Farm – FB

Verglas Media Studio – Verglas Media, LLC
Beall Farm
B&L Building

“The Gift”
Tucker Valley Elementary School
Kim Johnson’s House

Kim Johnson’s House
Ella & Company – FB

On-screen Vendors and Products (All WV)
Harmony Farm – FB
Richardson’s Farm – FB
Jennings Brae Bank Farm – FB
DNC Farm, LLC – FB
Hemlock Springs Farm – FB
In A Jam – FB
LaFontaine Bakery

Special Thanks
Bridgeport Farmers Market
Matt Bachtel
Diane and Ronnie Beall
Ashley Bodkins
Cheryl Davidson
Andrea Duke
Eric Erbe
Anne Farmer
Vicki Fenwick-Judy
Sandy Frank
Liz Gutierrez
Katherine Hanlon
Sky Harman
Tina Hull
John Jennings
Casey King
Amanda Kisamore
Steelie Kisamore
Laura Kuhns
Karen Peterson
Jarolyn Phillips
Sue Richardson
Erika Smith
Molly Toppe
Debbie Workman

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