WV Drinkeries Spotlight: The Rambling Root

The Rambling Root really loves two things, their beer, and their customers. Since their opening in Fairmont in 2017, co-owners DJ Cassell and Josh Clarke have worked to combine the two to create a space that celebrates both. “Josh and I have always worked to create a really welcoming space for people, and also an educational space to teach people about good beer and good food,” says Cassell. 

When it comes to sourcing their ingredients for both their beer and menu items, the Rambling Root works to source as most locally as possible. “It’s our responsibility to support other West Virginians,” Cassell explains, “and with the type of business we are, we have a really cool opportunity to do that.” 

They have also taken advantage of COVID to source even more locally. “Since COVID hit, we have been exclusively been buying West Virginian beers for our taps…one thing we can do to support our brothers and sisters in the brewing scene is to buy their beer.” 

The Rambling Root isn’t just a great place to enjoy local beer, it’s also perfect for trying new things, from different types of beers to food that some may never have had the opportunity to try, like rabbit which occasionally appears on the menu. But if you’re looking for something a bit more familiar, they have your back too! Their Bacon and Beer Cheese Burger features local beef, veggies, and you guessed it, the beer they use is their own. Cassell also suggests their wings which are smoke

d and then fried, before being tossed in sauce (which are all made from scratch).

So if your mouth is watering and you’re ready to plan your full trip to check out the Rambling Root, you can check out their full menu here and view their beers on tap here

Fun Fact:
The Rambling Root has made its home in over a 100-year-old building! The building is full of history, much of which is still left to be discovered, including the origin of the friendly ghost that enjoys playful antics with the staff, like turning on the TV when nobody is around, or taking chairs down that Cassell is positive he put up! So, don’t be afraid if you find a friendly ghost has joined to enjoy some delicious beer with you!

Theme Song:
“Lean on Me” Bill Withers.  The reason why Cassell chose the song? “Going with the local West Virginian theme, we thought of the late, great, Bill Withers, and decided on “Lean on Me”, because people come in after breakups and they just need to talk or people come in to celebrate, people have come in after their wedding to celebrate. We are a place for people to come in, whether things are good or bad, we are going to be there.”


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